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Add To Your WishlistFormulators Alcohol 1000L


Formulators Alcohol

This Formulators Alcohol is a high-grade alcohol solvent for the perfect base for making room sprays. High-proof alcohol creates a concentrated aroma that diffuses nicely and lasts effectively.

The 3 main ingredients of Formulators Alcohol are:

  1. Ethanol (denatured) - Ethyl Alcohol is the main carrier for the fragrance oils.
    At Mistral we exclusively use high-quality cosmetic grade ethanol, sourced from UK suppliers.  We do not use by-products from distilleries or other sources.

  2. Isopropyl Alcohol - Isopropyl Alcohol is a secondary alcohol with a lower flash point.  It improves solubility and helps to create smaller aerosol droplets that can diffuser more evenly around a room when making sprays.

  3. Dipropylene Glycol - A co-solvent which helps to solubilise the fragrance oils in the alcohol.  This helps to control the evaporation of the alcohol so that it does not flash off too quickly.

Product Specification