About Us

Who are we?

We are a small, family run chemical blending and distribution company based in county Down, Northern Ireland. We started our little company in 1995 and have had great success as a supplier of cleaning products and industrial chemicals throughout Ireland and the UK.

Around 2008 we were approached by a number of customers in regards to sourcing and blending specific products for the use in perfume manufacturing and home fragrance products.  We introduced our flagship product Perfumers Alcohol to the UK around this time and have been a leading supplier to businesses of all sizes ever since.  

We have expanded our range of fragrance, cosmetic and associated products over time and we are proud to now launch our new site which caters exclusively to this market.  We hope to provide not only great products but also technical resources and community to businesses and hobbyists alike.

With our history in formulation development in the cleaning and maintenance industry and extensive knowledge of various other chemical applications gathered through years of experience, you can count on us not only as a materials supplier but often as a fountain of useful related information to support your professional activities.

R & D Laboratories

You might have noticed the R&D Labs branding on the bottom of our website and wondered about the connection between them and Mistral.  In short, Mistral is a trading name of R&D Laboratories Ltd.